ISO9001 and AS9100 Certification

as9100cert Aero Dynamic Machining, Inc.’s Quality Management System is certified to the ISO9001 and AS9100 standard. This excellent Quality Management System foundation has been established through our partnership with NQA Registrars and participation from the entire staff of Aero Dynamic Machining, Inc. We look forward to ongoing continuous improvements of our all business processes.

ITAR Registered
Airbus AIPS01-02-003

Preparation of holes in metallic materials for fastening.

Bombardier BAPS 175-005

Installation of Interference fit bushings with limitation to shrink fit with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Bombardier BAPS 175-006

Installation of bushings using Forcemate cold expansion process.

Lockheed Martin 2ZZP0006

Control of air vehicle critical parts (Fracture Critical Traceable).

Boeing D6-51991 MBD/DPD

Boeing Model Based Definition D6-51991 approved.  A testament to ADM’s commitment to continuous improvements and meeting customer’s demands, Aero Dynamic Machining is now AS9100 compliant for manufacturing and verifying parts to native NX and Catia 3-D models.

Boeing D6-82479

Boeing D6-82479 Appendix A

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