Aero Dynamic Machining, Inc. (“ADM”)is firmly committed to the pursuit of the highest level of ethical business conduct and strictly prohibits bribery, kick-backs and corruption at any level.

All employees and personnel of ADM at any level are strictly prohibited from providing, extending to and/or soliciting gifts from customers, buyers, contractors and/or suppliers or having any contact with customers, buyers, contractors, and/or suppliers that would give rise to even the appearance of impropriety.

ADM has implemented internal corporate procedures and financial controls that are intended to detect violations of ADM’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. All personnel of ADM are encouraged to report any violations, including possible violations, to the CEO, President, Vice President, the HR Department and ADM’s General Counsel without fear of retribution and/or retaliation.

As part of ADM’s Anti-Corruption Training Program, ADM aims to make all of its personnel aware of their federally protected whistleblower rights which are designed to protect employees against retaliation for reporting potential wrongdoing by a U.S. contractor or subcontractor.