Aero Dynamic Machining has been selected as a Boeing IDS Protégé under a joint contract between Boeing and the U.S. Air Force. The three year Mentor/Protégé agreement is a significant investment in training and infrastructure to ensure ADM, Inc. is positioned for growth to engage the aerospace industries increasing demand and opportunities.

Initial classroom instructions will include: Team Building, Lean Principles, Lean Manufacturing Applications, ERP/ MRP Systems, and Sub-Tier Supplier Management. As part of the three year program , ADM will select and train two college interns to be trained for aerospace manufacturing and CNC programming and machining techniques.

Minority institutions Cerritos College and Florida International University will partner with Boeing, Air Force, and ADM to provide specific training. Additionally, California Manufacturing Technology Corporation will assist with the training curriculum.

Tri-annual Program Management Reviews are scheduled with Air Force, Boeing, and ADM personnel to ensure Return on Investment goals are achieved.

ADM is honored to participate in the D.O.D Mentor/Protégé program.